Transportation Challenges

Canada has a global reputation as a dependable trading partner. With the world’s food supply under extreme pressure, consumers and countries worldwide are counting on Canada’s agriculture industry to help meet their food security challenges.

The entire agriculture supply chain has a role to play. Ensuring we get crops to market depends on action and partnerships with industry and government. We need timely and predictable rail and container service that moves at the speed of business.

Through the Canada’s Ready! campaign, Canada’s grain sector has developed a 4-point plan to keep Canadian Grain Moving and show the world we are ready to do what is needed to feed the world

Canada’s Ready 4 point plan includes:
  • Show:
    Rail and container services must provide timely and transparent updates on how they plan to move grain.
  • Protect
    Create an Industry/Government Labour Council that tracks the progress of collective agreement negotiations.
  • Work
    Rail and container services must provide monthly capacity updates based on the latest forecasts.
  • Measure
    Increase the utilization of comprehensive performance measurement programs like the Ag Transportation Coalition for rail to measure success and improvements.