Plant Breeding Innovation

Agriculture is among Canada’s most innovative industries. Canadian crops and food are known for their safety, quality and reliability. Natural advantages, including fresh water and arable land, enhance our reputation. But we know that we can do even more.

Our trading partners and competitors have been racing ahead while the Government of Canada has failed to keep up. Canada is a leader in agriculture production, and as we look to expand our productivity and sustainability, the need for a flexible and transparent regulatory system grows.

Removing regulatory impediments and uncertainty to advance plant breeding innovation will level the playing field for global trade and open up benefits from the full range of new breeding techniques. Innovation must be available to plant breeders who work in large and small organizations and those who work in the private or public sector and academia. High regulatory costs restrict the use of innovations to only the largest crops and companies, meaning that farmers’ access is limited.

The Grain Growers of Canada are proud signatories of the Global Farmer Statement, which farmer organizations all over the world support for plant breeding innovation as a necessary tool to sustainably produce more food.

Supplemental Information


In May of 2022, Health Canada released their updated guidelines, setting clear rules for public and private sector researchers working on enhancements to grains and oilseeds using the latest plant breeding techniques. While Health Canada’s findings are a positive next step, farmers are still waiting for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to provide their guidance. Finalizing these regulatory clarifications will help Canada catch up to our global competitors and have tangible positive effects across the agriculture and agri-food value chain.